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Cedrus spp. (Pinaceae) 

Here on the Villa we create smudge bundles with cedar that we grow. We burn cedar ritually, to clear and purify our energy field inside and out. Tightly wrapped fresh cedar greens are hung up to dry and within a couple of weeks they are ready for burning. Smudging has been practiced for thousands of years by Native Americans everywhere. We strongly believe in growing native herbs for our spiritual practices and keeping this ritual alive on our land. We give thanks and mourn the lives of indigenous people who once walked this land. We feel their spirits in everything we do, we listen to mother Gaia and we work the land for her.  After

Eastern red cedar (Juniperus Virginicus) grows between 16-66ft. Has dark green needle-like leaves and oval cones. Cedar is thought to have been used in building Solomon’s temple and the hanging Gardens of Babylon. The oil has been used for thousands of years in incense, perfumes, and embalming. It is antiseptic and expectorant, acting to disinfect with the respiratory tract. Cedar can also be brewed in a tea as it is very high in Vitamin C. Cedar wood essential oil is commonly distilled from Atlas Cedar and Eastern Red Cedar. The oil is strongly antiseptic, astringent, diuretic, expectorant, and sedative. Diluted and massaged into the skin, it treats congestion, chest infections, cystitis. It is used to treat skin wounds and ulcers.

Diluted and massaged into the skin, it treats:

  • congestion
  • chest infections
  • cystitis
  • skin wounds + ulcers

Bela Ballatore

Bela Ballatore is the Lifestyle Manager at The Villa, CHC Headquarters. On top of writing for the Apothecary page, she manages the herbal and vegetable gardens and the chickens on the farm. She fell in love with cooking as a young girl, cooking side by side with her father. Through cooking and Kundalini yoga her father helped her develop her spiritual practice at a young age. She moved to Nevada County in 2019 to further her dreams in connecting to Mother Gaia and living a healthy life. Continually participating in meditative work on the land and taking on new roles at CHC she takes steps towards a healthy mind, body and soul everyday.

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