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G R O U N D I N G  for me is so important and how I do it comes so easily. I basically run around my land with no shoes on during the spring and summer months. Most call this “earthing”. I am naturally drawn to this with my face in the sun, drinking up all the vitamin D I can for that day. This thing I call grounding can be hard for people like myself (that might be a little OCD), so taking an outdoor shower is a must, because I can’t and will not get into my bed with dirty feet. ​

I feel alive each and everyday. Which brings me to Winter. Just in the past two winter seasons, I have come to recognize that I tend to have less energy and would rather be in smaller groups of people. I used to think it was my hibernation period, but now I know it’s because I wasn’t grounding myself in the same way as the hot months. Lets face it. It’s too cold, especially for me, since I live up in the Sierra foothills. I take advantage when the sun peeks out. I know its my time to run out and get me some love and light.

Anyone can ground, even if you live in New York City. Find a park. Then take your shoes off, plant them in the grass and put your face in that lovely sun and drink up all that masculine energy. Watch out though, it can get addicting.

Some claim it improves your immune system, sleep, pain management, stress, trauma, cell damage and neutralizes free radicals. It also can reduce inflammation. I am not a doctor and don’t claim to be, because I believe it effects everyone differently. There is something magical about it and I will never stop putting my feet and toes in this beautiful earth. At least for me, I am a child again. It’s my playtime. 

In a comfortable state of gratitude,

Kerry Romano Zall

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