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This beautiful upcoming full moon in Leo is one of the most celebrated in India!  Rising at 11:17 pm on March 9th IST, this purnima is known as Holi, the festival of colors that marks the arrival of Spring.    

The night before (Sunday night in India) is called Holika Dahan, where traditionally there is a ritual fire where one symbolically offers and burns all the ‘evils’ and impurities accumulated in the previous year.  Then on the full moon day of Holi people gather together and play with colors.  

This vibrant festival is on one level about enjoyment with friends and family, but on a deeper level it is a day to forgive and forget.  Ideally, past grudges and debts are forgiven, giving people a chance to start fresh with the promise of rebirth of the spring. So even if you do not play with colors on Holi, it is an ideal day to forgive and move towards spring without resentment or holding on to the past.

This full moon in Leo is well supported and well aspected.  Though it may not feel like it in the climate of current events, astrologically speaking this full moon cycle is very positive.  Moon well aspected in Leo shows a time that supports mental optimism, putting plans into action, and creative visions.  Jupiter’s aspect on this full moon gives us wisdom and resources to overcome our obstacles.  While Mercury is still retrograde opposite the Moon until March 10, the aspect of Mercury gives us ways to apply intelligence to our emotions.  This is an ideal time to not add to our personal or collective fears (which is more of a Rahu energy) and instead utilize the wisdom energy of Jupiter and Mercury on the Moon to push forward with a positive outlook. 

Venus has also moved from idealistic Pisces to action-oriented Aries, and Mars joins Jupiter in Sagittarius. The teacher Jupiter and the army general Mars make a good combination for putting broad visioned plans into action.  With so many planets in the Fire trines of Aries, Leo and Sagittarius, our sense of purpose and motivation is high, making a great time to make those important ideas a reality.

Towards the end of the month the conglomeration in Capricorn gets a bit complex, as Jupiter Mars and Saturn all combine here from the end of March through May, but more on that next time. For now enjoy this renewal of energy and celebration of new beginnings!

Love and Blessings,

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