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The astrology of world events and countries, called Mundane Astrology, is not one of my areas of focus or interest.  But because of people’s questions and my own curiosity I have dug a little deeper into this area.  For anyone interested in reading first hand I will attach a couple links to the bottom of this mail. 

I will generally summarize what is being said about this trajectory.  I want to stress that these are not my predictions but the bit I have understood from following some respected astrologers on this matter.

Most astrologers agree this is an event that has been brewing on the world stage for a few years, and that the main components in this situation are Rahu-Ketu and Jupiter, and the upcoming Jupiter and Saturn conjunction.  (Many western astrologers and neo- Vedic astrologers say it is also the influence of the Saturn/Pluto conjunction, but since that is not a school I follow I will not comment on that.) 

In 2019 there were several eclipses on the Gemini-Sagittarius axis, finishing up with one on Christmas Day of 2019.  When Jupiter entered Sagittarius in November 2019 he moved right into this trajectory and has gone through various afflictions since.  This will carry on until the first week of May at earliest, and possibly through the end of June.  While Jupiter does get less malefic influence when Mars moves into Aquarius on May 4th, he stays in Capricorn until the end of June, his sign of debilitation and joined by Saturn, and is still afflicted.  It seems that the situation will reach its height in April, then begin to come down in May.  So prepare for intensity, as astrologically and practically speaking this situation will likely heighten.

But there are some planetary blessings supporting us as well.  This new Moon in Pisces, which culminates on March 24th at 14:58 in India, is the beginning of the New Year from the lunar calendar.  In fact, this new moon, Chaitra Pratipad, or the first day of the month of Chaitra, is said to be when Brahma began the creation of the universe.  In South India where I stay it is celebrated as Ugadi-  the ‘new age’.  Chaitra Pratipad is also the start of the Spring Navaratri, the nine day festival of Durga where She is worshipped with the arrival of spring.  So there are still some astrological blessings in these trying times. 

Jupiter in the grip of Rahu and Ketu show the collective fear we have all been experiencing, and though there may not be much we can do externally there is much on the internal level that can be cultivated.  What better time to focus on spiritual practice and prayer than when we are stuck inside and emotions are high?  Suddenly many of us have a lot of free time on our hands- will we use it for our growth or evolution or waste it on mundane things?  Now is a great time to discover and pursue all those things that there is never enough time to do!  

Love and Blessings,


Mrinmoyee Prajna

Mrinmoyee is in a long term love affair with Mother India, the land of her spiritual birth. She has lived primarily in India for the last 2 decades, and while she appreciates most all aspects of the culture, Vedic Astrology, Meditation, and Devotional pactices have been her primary focus.

Having grown up on the East coast of the United States, she deeply sees the need for the Vedic sciences in the modern Western life. She lived for 10 years in an Indian Buddhist spiritual community in North India where meditation and seva (service) were the foundations of her practice. Here she experienced the traditional teachings passed down through a lineage that is customary in India. As her interest in Vedic Astrology grew it took her to different regions and teachers of India and the US. She has studied Vedic Astrology for the last 10 years, and has given hundreds of readings to people all over the world in the last 5 years.

She offers introductory workshops on Vedic Astrology, and retreats in India. But the main focus of her work is personalized birth chart consultations. She has studied with both traditional and modern teachers, and gives a traditional analysis of the chart combined with a modern, applicable interpretation. While Vedic Astrology is Hindu in its origins, a person need not be following that path to benefit from her readings. Advice on career, relationships, finances, ideal living locations, and spirituality are just some of the areas of life that can be covered in a session.

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