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I’m a true believer that you’re a product of your own environment. 

That said our children learn what they see, feel, and breathe. We are all energy human beings and they feel our energy and learn from it. It’s not too late to turn this situation around. STOP the, woulda coulda shoulda’s and let’s get this party started. Starting with you!

The one thing lacking for me in this life thus far has been not giving myself what I give to others. I always serve myself last. Look, I drink the best teas and eat the best organically grown foods, so I am kind to my body, but that’s just one part. During this time I have embraced dry brushing, if you have never done it, I highly recommend it. I floss my teeth with such passion and I actually look at myself in the mirror and stare at the woman I’m becoming right now. I was so hyper-focused on saving everyone else and making sure that my people were feeling good, I was not being true to me. What was that teaching my youngest son, who is with me now 24/7. I knew that in order for me to be able to adapt to this new normal, I had to get real with myself. After all, I just came off this huge tidal wave of starting a podcast that turned into a full-blown show. Starting a foundation to open a soup kitchen to feed the people that were in transition. I was still life coaching and I was back in school. I was on the go constantly. Plus, we had just started the documentary for the show. I had to cancel all planned workshops and I felt guilty that my soul’s purpose was forced to be “out of order”. I called Ingrid H. Turner, who is the Spiritual Adviser on the CHC Show, said we have to do something for the peeps that are struggling, so we decided to do the Positive Empowerment Live on Facebook every Tuesday at 2pm. These lives are for anyone that needs some Love and Light.

So, I embraced what I call a “time out” and started my list. You know that list in your head that you never had time for? Yup, that list. I started to jot down everything, I mean even that roll of duct tape that has been sitting on the counter for weeks, that I said I will put that away the next time I clean but is still sitting there because I get distracted to go do this or that. Of course, added to all our lists and is of most importance is now homeschooling. We’re all teachers now. Wait what? Yup, we are now the teachers for our children. I must pause here and say I have mad respect for teachers. I just never knew how much patience and love you must have for teaching.

First on my list, fill my own cup.

In order to do that I knew I would be doing ME. Everything I do now is with intention and ease. I even noticed I chew my food slower. Stretching my body, mediation, yoga, yummy planned out meals, facials, exfoliating my body, and oh the joy of slathering lavender oil all over my body. Tea ceremonies on the daily and sometimes we just hang for hours around the tea-table. Listening to music and adding to my playlist. We now have movie nights and play games as a family. Enjoying each one of us. All of us.

Upgrading my brain is key, I’m still doing school online. I’m sure your list might look different, but the point is we must slow down and listen to Mother Gia. She is speaking loud and clear and I for one am listening. I chose LOVE over fear. I knew early on that the conspiracy theories were just that and it wasn’t going to change my world. What good would come from this? I knew I wanted my youngest of five children still living at home, to have a different experience through this. I knew my goal was to give him a healthy story with positive patterns attached to it. My son sees me checking in with my family and friends. This is how they learn compassion. I notice him hugging me more and he is enjoying this time with us all. He is on a disciplined schedule, but different from school. He has his normal curriculum, but since we are the teachers, I have added cooking, baking, documentaries, gardening, dancing, games, art, grounding, and movement. And most of all, we check-in and talk about our feelings. This one on one is so healing and has changed my perspective on everything. If you knew me, I mean really knew me, you’d know I am a work-a-holic, my plate is always full and I keep adding to it, so this was a huge adjustment, but I actually like it. Moving forward things will be different but for the best.

Teach Us Positive Empowerment

My mental checkoff list of things that have helped me stay in the moment:

  • Focused awareness
  • Intention
  • Taste
  • Smell
  • Sound
  • Feeling
  • Emotions
  • Memory
  • Images
  • Experiences

Bring your energy to what you’re focused on and the space you’re in. Give gratitude to what your mind brings to your attention and give thanks. Feeling your awareness and your desires are key to manifesting what you want, and it can change your outcome. Find the better feeling thought.

Together we will skip and stop and smell the flowers along the way of this new journey. Holding the hands of the children of our future, storing pure goodness and beautiful stories and patterns filled with the powerful LOVE and positive empowerment.

In a comfortable state of gratitude,

Kerry Romano Zall

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