Money Changed our Focus

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I’ve been traveling around the world using a volunteer/work exchange app for the past year, that actually changed my life. I could have never guessed the immense volume and success this type of living actually has, people from all over the world are craving going back to communities where you exchange labor for goods and services instead of currency. Back when some hunted, some gathered, some made tools, then some helped with agriculture and the spread of knowledge and it worked perfectly for a very long time. Then currency came along and we focused more on money itself, than anything else. 

That needs to stop. 

I’m not telling you to go make a bonfire with your savings, no, I’m telling you that we need to take money out of the equation for a second and we need to be focusing on what actually matters and work on what actually matters to us. 

So many people don’t care about the work they are doing, not really, they just wanna get paid, get paid the currency that is supposed to get them the life they think they want. Spending so

much time, money and youth getting diplomas only to end up on a job they don’t even like, making some other guy rich and that’s if they end up getting the job in the first place. Learning things that you can learn faster, cheaper and more up to date online. The rest, experience will teach you.

Instead, let’s focus all that on finding out who we are, what we truly want, and who are we helping with our work. Am I doing good by my fellow humans? Am I doing good by this precious beautiful planet we are so lucky to live in, this planet that has seen all life forms pass and will keep doing so, the question is: are we still gonna be part of it’s journey or are these the last few decades of the human race?

 It all depends on us and what we decide to do right now! 

Years from now kids are gonna ask us: where were you when it all went to hell?…where were you when something could have been done about this?… were you focusing on a meaningless job contributing to this madness?… Did you even try to save us?

What are we gonna tell them?…

Wake up! It’s time. There is a better way.

A way in which we all contribute equally to the betterment of our surroundings, our community and way of living at a global scale. Humans have forgotten that we originally created civilizations to protect each other and work together. Not take advantage of, and mistrust one another.

I’ve seen it. I’ve lived it.

That’s why it is so important to move beyond your own environment and see what’s really going on in the world. See how the way we‘ve structured our societies and our system is not working anymore. And it never really did, not for all of us and certainly not for our ecosystem.  

The wheels of change have started turning…let’s keep them running.

José Ignacio Ribadeneira

José Ignacio Ribadeneira is a 27 year old Ecuadorian filmmaker, photographer, traveler, digital media specialist and drone pilot. With a passion for social change through knowledge and technology. He attended USFQ liberal arts school and has been documenting his travels to over 11 countries,  across 3 continents, most recently Hong Kong, Indonesia, Malaysia and Singapore, learning not only about different cultures but also different types of sustainable communities and human relations. He came back to the US in December 2019 to travel in his van, capturing the beauty of California’s national parks, he visited some sustainable communities and festivals which led to him becoming the director and editor of the CHC show and documentary. 

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