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If you know me, you will know I love my 30 second hugs (endorphin release).

If you have never tried hugging someone for 30+ seconds. I dare you. Trust me you will be addicted, and they will be coming back for more. Before this pandemic, I would always embrace whomever, I had the pleasure to be around on any given day. I really like taking people in and seeing if I can dance with their energy. I know right away if we can create something with them. You can learn so much from a hug. Even, if I meet you for the first time, most likely you will get a hug from me. You can really feel the energy from the people you are hugging. I always say, nice to see you. Instead of saying nice to meet you, because I want them to feel seen.

Sometimes, I would not want to let go. Those hugs are the best.

I feel like I am in a total enlightenment with that human. My heart aches. As I sit back here writing this, I am realizing so many facets of why I felt so low when I desperately wanted to feel normal. Something was missing…. If you read my last article from July you already know, I took space and gave myself the well overdue cry I desperately needed. I really went deep. I took care of those stories that no longer served me and mine. One thing that popped up for me, since I am such a people’s person is that I am not any longer able to engage with people like before. It almost feels like part of me is missing.

Since we are spending so much time with ourselves, I am noticing so much more.

I didn’t realize I had to slow everything down in my life in order to see colors not again just more vibrant than ever before. Texture is huge for me right now. I can smell Mimosa trees from the back of the property when I am sitting in the front Terrace. I am so tuned in. I feel like I am exfoliating every part of me. But the one thing I miss is hugging my people. So, on those days of working hard on the farm or coming out of a mastermind think tank, I think about the hugging exchange event I want to host after this pandemic is over. Yes, you heard me correctly. CHC will host its first hug release dance party. I yearn for the physical touch and I know you do too.

So, what is getting me through this?

I take affirmation vitamins, the same way I take vitamins. I acknowledge them as already being a part of me and then I continue with my day! This is my mental self care. Meditation, diet, exercise, lots of water and Mother Gaia.

One of the self-care techniques I teach in life coaching is the mirror work. This is some powerful stuff. Some family members will catch me talking to myself in the mirror. If I pass by a mirror, I step back and say. “I see you, beautiful girl”.

 Go look in the mirror and practice your I AM’s.

“I am powerful, I am loved, I am enough, I am abundance, I am strong.” What are your I AM’s? Do not forget the mirror loves you. Look in and give yourself a good stare. Tell her how much you love her! She needs to be built up. Give her the attention she needs.

 I am spiritually hugging you… can you feel it?

 In a comfortable state of gratitude,
Kerry Romano Zall
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