Social Media is Packed With Rants and Raves

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Social media is packed with rants and raves.

And although I am a financial columnist, I can rant and rave with the best of them. So today I’m going to go a little off-topic in a musing I call “you can’t fix stupid”

Here are just a few of the things that make me scratch my head and go “huh?”

There is a local chain of movie theaters in my town. As we know, movie theaters everywhere are hurting rather badly. Among my media jobs, I do promotional films. I offered to do a free promotional film for them and they said they would think about it then call me back. Never heard back. We’re talking free here.

I made the same offer on social media in my entire county. A free film for any restaurant. Only one called. The film got 2500 views. They are still open while many others going down or already gone.

I went to the most expensive steakhouse in Portland a while back. I walked into the entranceway and it had a cart full of dirty dishes. Needless to say, I turned around and left.

I went to another restaurant here in town last night. Restaurants are also struggling. I sat down and it took five minutes for a server to appear despite the fact they were three-quarters empty. It took another 15 minutes to get our cocktails. Guess they haven’t figured out that cocktails are the most expensive markup and once people drink they order more.

I understand Governor Newsom signed a bill to consider racial reparations. I’m not for reparations. If I was, I would stop the nearest Japanese child and ask to get paid for the Pearl Harbor attack. Or how about going to Rome and asking to be paid for all the Christians they to put to death.

Yes, some ideas nowadays are that ridiculous.

The nation and indeed the world is shut down from Covid. We have to social distance and even our restaurants are required to only have partial capacity and no large gatherings are permitted. Then I look out at hundreds of thousands marching in the streets and that’s OK?

If a virus is that serious to shut down the entire world’s economy than either we stop Covid or we don’t. 

Covid has killed hundreds of thousands. So we continue to shut down. However, it is estimated that tens of millions will starve because of the shutdowns. That isn’t my opinion, that’s the opinion of the Washington Post, The Guardian, AP News, and the New York Times to name a few. So tell me why we shut down again?

To save lives? Whose?

Certainly not those of underdeveloped countries

There is a whole group of people that want to defund the police. Now tell me exactly how that’s going to work? Who ya gonna call? Ghostbusters?

Half the country’s population claims they are the “tolerant” party. But then don’t tolerate the opposition and go so far as to disown their closest friends and relatives if they believe otherwise.

What am I missing?

In my local town, there are three moms that have kids in school that are running for the school board.

I saw a video of the opponents and they’re all fairly old. Don’t get me wrong. I’m old myself but I have kids in school by chance. 

Most parents with kids in school have a vested interest in opening up the schools. NBA star Charles Barkley, who is black, said in a recent Tahoe golf tournament a few months back, that shutting down schools would hurt blacks, minorities, and low-income kids the most. I don’t know about you but if I had to get sick to ensure that our children prospered in the future, I would not be afraid to do so. And I would think having kids in schools would be a little bit more important if you’re going to do the job of running the schools they are in.

Then the opponents called these three moms “fundamentalists”. Better than those revisionists I say.


Let’s see now. I believe the American flag should be respected, I believe George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, and other historical figures are just that. Important historical figures and great Americans. I believe their statues should not be torn down in riots nor our history is rewritten.  And I believe socialism is a scourge to be avoided at all costs. Those are America’s fundamentals and they are not subject to revision.

Yep, guess I’m a fundamentalist, and I bet you are too. Like I said, better than those revisionists. 

And finally, I believe that black lives matter but I also believe that all lives matter. However, if I say that, I’m called a racist. Never mind my adopted brother is black, I’m married to an Asian woman and my kids are half Asian.

Like I said, you can’t fix stupid, but you can educate the uninformed. And hopefully I just did.

Back with money stuff next week.

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