Today is Page One of My 2021 Book of 365 pages.

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I will go into each page with intentions.

This year I choose movement. I will fill each page with love, compassionate self-care, conscious thought process, and always thriving for the better feeling thought. Living in the moment, upgrading my knowledge. I will be consciously making steps to take myself to my higher potential with kindness to my self-image.

I have added intentions to my list and they will expose themselves as the days go on. Let’s start with my last statement in paragraph one. Self-image is a huge one for me. Since I started filming last year before we were shut down, I noticed myself get very critical of my body parts in photos/episodes.

Well for one I gained the Covid-19lbs and was going through that crazy thing called menopause that really threw me for a loop.

I actually thought I would never go through this since my Mother never did, if she did she really kelp that under the scope. My sisters never spoke about it, so I guess I broke rule number three, don’t make assumptions from the book The Four Agreements. If you have never read it, I highly recommend it. That book changed my perspective on this thing we call life. I assumed I would just stay 28 and never give into my age! Ha.

Well, I knew how much this affected me, so I didn’t want any of my pages looking as if I didn’t love every bit of me. So I started to thank my now bigger thighs, my double chin. I even went as far as telling my extra lovin all over my body that it was okay for it to stay peacefully, but that I had other plans for it. Though the process of making my fat cry that I would appreciate it, love on it and work on the movement of its vacancy away. Remember words are very powerful. I now tell myself there is no competition because no one can be ME. 

I chose my intentions around the word movement because it was the first word I saw when I thought about this process that I wanted to instill into my new year.

Movement represents so many things for me. For one I started a foundation and media company last year that was full of excitement and moving along quite well. Everything and everyone came together organically. But when the Pandemic hit everything stopped, so I knew I was going into this new fresh year, voyaging forward.

I wanted to move forward with all the new refreshed exploding ideas and talent. I didn’t want anything to do with stagnant energy or anyone or anything to hold me back from making magic with Team CHC. I knew I wanted to continue to upgrade my brain. I’m so lucky I get to interview great minds that write mind-blowing books. These books and conversations are packed full of knowledge that keeps me on my toes and stimulates my brain in more ways than one.

I believe I have a galaxy in my soul, I think everyone does. It’s up to you how you fill yours. You are everything that is inside of you. The outside enhances what you already have inside you, so be careful who you spend the majority of your time with. I choose mastermind thinkers, doctors, healers, entrepreneurs, authors, artists, and seekers.

Don’t take what everyone says to heart, because people self project a lot.

They react to whatever is going on inside of them. Do your due diligence. Don’t just adopt and spread nontruths. Do the research. Speak your knowledge. Don’t get caught up in the noise or drama. Do you ever notice when a group or a person who is gossiping about someone else, the person they’re talking about ends up being a freaking powerhouse making things happen? Do you really want one of your pages in your book to reflect this wasted time? Life is short make every moment count everyday.

Let’s move on to self-care shall we.

I learned a lot about self-care during last year’s pandemic. I say last year’s because I am being optimistic and I want to move forward and not let anything stand in my way. I have always taken good care of myself, but not really going deep with taking real-time for myself. This past year I spent a lot of time focusing on the things I needed to take care of. Such as the tiny cracks in the back of my heels or giving myself a facial. Last year I added stretching into my routine and I don’t beat myself up when I miss it. I will overcompensate that with an indulgent lavender-infused goodness bubble bath, a soy candle, and some hot tea with herbs that we harvested from our farm. I read so many books last year, way more than I thought possible with my schedule. Feeding my brain is self-care. Your self-care might look different and that’s okay as long as you’re exfoliating and feeding your mind, body, and soul.

I will be consciously making steps to take myself to my higher potential. I will cook more and shop like the french daily for my dinners. I ordered some great cookbooks and bought more herbs and spices to have on hand. I’m excited about this first chapter and I know I will go in with manifesting more serendipitous moments with my family, team, and loved ones. 

So the question here is what will your book of 365 pages look like?

Will you make different choices? What books will you read? Will you make the jump and finely make it happen for you and yours? What are your intentions for 2021? You got this and it’s not too late. 

Remember to be the energy you want to attract.

“Think like a queen. A queen is not afraid to fail. Failure is another stepping stone to greatness” -Oprah

In a constant state of gratitude

-Kerry Romano Zall

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