A Message from Our Spiritual Advisor

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Mistakes Will Be Made.

How do you handle them?

Do you put blame on others? Why do we do that?

It’s the cutthroat competitive mentality of Corporate Culture instilling this belief that you are only as good as your last win. People are always scared of making mistakes or getting blamed or owning up to it. People are scared that owning up to their mistakes will result in their life falling apart; losing a job, being demoted etc. Blaming others creates the energy of resistance.

That energy will bleed down through your whole organization.

YOU don’t have to operate within this conditioning anymore.

1 – Get into a solution oriented mentality.

2 – Where did the breakdown happen in the line of production.

3 – Address the mistakes and come at it from a place of love.

Show up with community, camaraderie, cohesion. Not a place of “Who done it?”

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Ingrid H. Turner

Ingrid is passionate about using her psychic and mediumship gifts to partner with spiritual energies and help people release the grip of shame and trauma and re-align with their power. With a corporate background in marketing and technology, she has a knack for making the esoteric accessible by breaking mystical concepts down into digestible chunks that anyone can relate to and make a part of their lived experience. She is phenomenal at helping people access their intuitive and spiritual gifts, and with her no-nonsense approach to living in partnership with spirit, she helps people create a career and lifestyle with their spiritual passion.

She is the founding minister at the Bhava Spiritual Mission, a church birthed on principles of empowered spirituality, helping the next wave of leaders take their message out into the world. She runs the seminary and produces the Bhava TV platform. Ingrid is also the host of the Corporate Hippie Connection production “Spiritual Connection with Ingrid”, in addition to being the company’s spiritual advisor.

Ingrid is a prolific poet, a mama, and a soul-led world journeyer. She currently resides in Nevada County, CA in the Sierra Foothills, yet always ready for the next globe-trotting adventure with her family.