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Cosmic Family Connection

Cosmic Family Connection Podcast

Cosmic Family Connection with host Cynthia Levesque, is a 30 minute podcast for the whole family to explore ancestor connections, ritual, magick practice, history, and lore. Aiming to reclaim the roles of witches and wizards as the healers and shapeshifters within our youth. Our children are the new leaders and caretakers of Mama Earth and together we will discover magick which can direct our intentions to create a more idyllic and sustainable planet for all beings. We will dive deep, opening each episode with a short guided meditation for all ages to journey with us to another realm. Followed by that will be a discussion (with special guests), exploring ritual, magick, history, and lore. Please accept this offering to gather your family around, for some mystical exploration together. Light your candle, find a comfortable spot, and join us on this magickal journey. 


Cynthia Levesque has been practicing magick since she can remember. She is known for being able to see and reveal the magick in others, especially children. Reclaiming the title “witch”, taking on the role of healer, teacher, and truth seeker. Her desire runs deep to help the youth connect to the Earth, to one-another, and the ancestors. She enjoys playing in her garden with her four daughters, where in addition to veggies and fruit, they grow a large variety of magickal and healing herbs.Passionate about crystals and crystal healing, in 2017 she founded a line of jewelry called Loot and Lore, which incorporates healing crystals with vintage and modern designs which are intended to be worn as stylish amulets. 

Cynthia’s passion for teaching magick to children started in 2019 with the inaugural session of Bogwarts, a Summer Day Camp based in magickal studies. Having practiced as a witch since a young age, and wishing to introduce her own daughters to the craft, she invited her 11 year old to help her write the curriculum for Bogwarts. Now having completed the second year, Cynthia is thrilled to be expanding her audience in an audio format.

In 2018, she became head-witch, and store manager of witch shop, Cult of Gemini in Grass Valley, California. This resource for the community became an inspiration and a vessel for transformation for Cynthia, where she studied with some of the greatest witches, healers, mystics, and wizards.In 2019, with the help of her 12 year old daughter, she founded Bogwarts, a magick Summer camp for kids, now in its second year. Wanting to broaden her audience, she is thrilled to be host of a new family-friendly podcast, The Cosmic Family Connection.  

Being raised in the remote foothills of Northern California, she was given the freedom to allow her imagination to run wild while she ran wild around the land. After highschool, Cynthia craved urban living and landed in San Francisco for 10+ years, where she worked in the corporate world in design and merchandising. After the birth of her oldest daughter, she began to desire the slower pace of country living and returned home to Nevada County to raise her own children. 

Cynthia is passionate about community-building and in 2012, founded the Nevada City Artwalk and various other arts organizations. She is the recipient of many awards for her service to the community.

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