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Full Moon Greetings!

The Full Moon will culminate in the sign of Gemini and the lunar house of Mrigashira on December 18th at 8:35 pm PST.  Though most of the 15th lunar day the moon will be in Taurus, we consider the placement of its fullest point, which is Gemini.  The common factor of nearly the entire full moon is the lunar house of Mrigashira, though the sign switches from Taurus to Gemini, keeping qualities of both as it goes.

Mrigashira is a quick moving and changing constellation.  It is connected with roads and paths and traveling.  Along with outer travel, Mrigashira is connected with constant wandering, and our inner quest.  This full moon leaves us searching, questioning and perhaps changing if we are not strongly rooted.  Most of the full moon while in Taurus which is a steady earth sign, also conjuncts Rahu, the planet of our hidden fears, deepest restlessness, and anxiety. 

The day before the full moon, the 14th lunar cycle, began for many in America as a day of deep Rahuvian anxiety and questioning of whether to send our children to school, and prompted school closures and more police presence at many schools.  The week old conjunction of Mars and Ketu in Scorpio, a duo that is common for explosive episodes of anger and violence, did not calm the fears of those who know its effects, especially as the conjunction was just a couple degrees apart on the 17th.  Thankfully it seemed to bring the threat of violence less than the violence itself, but it seems not a favorable sign for this challenging conjunction.

Mars and Ketu are conjunct in Scorpio, the deep and mysterious sign of transformation.  This explosive pair will be together from December 5th to January 17th, which can bring aggressiveness, headless anger and even violence.  Alternately, its also a combination for Accupuncture, so if you’re feeling this agitation strongly perhaps use the piercing energy of the needles to better channel the energy!

The end of the year transit of Mars over the December eclipse point with the debilitated Moon make December 30-31st a good couple days to lay low, and we all, particularly those with Scorpio prominent, will breathe a sigh of relief after Mars passes this point.

Venus is also retrograde from December 19th to January 28th.  Retrograde cycles are a time for revisiting.  It is a common time for old loves or old themes in relationships to surface.  It is often best to let go of these things in retrograde cycles but sometimes the old themes need to be discussed and addressed to fully let go.  If you can, better to wait until Mars leaves Scorpio and Ketu on January 17th, or at least until after the New Year to give Mars and Ketu some distance. Venus also represents art and creativity, so can be a good time to revisit incomplete creative works and projects.

I wish you all a blessed Solstice and Holiday season!
To get clear on what 2022 looks like for you do reach out.

Love and Blessings,



Mrinmoyee Prajna

Mrinmoyee is in a long term love affair with Mother India, the land of her spiritual birth. She has lived primarily in India for the last 2 decades, and while she appreciates most all aspects of the culture, Vedic Astrology, Meditation, and Devotional pactices have been her primary focus.

Having grown up on the East coast of the United States, she deeply sees the need for the Vedic sciences in the modern Western life. She lived for 10 years in an Indian Buddhist spiritual community in North India where meditation and seva (service) were the foundations of her practice. Here she experienced the traditional teachings passed down through a lineage that is customary in India. As her interest in Vedic Astrology grew it took her to different regions and teachers of India and the US. She has studied Vedic Astrology for the last 10 years, and has given hundreds of readings to people all over the world in the last 5 years.

She offers introductory workshops on Vedic Astrology, and retreats in India. But the main focus of her work is personalized birth chart consultations. She has studied with both traditional and modern teachers, and gives a traditional analysis of the chart combined with a modern, applicable interpretation. While Vedic Astrology is Hindu in its origins, a person need not be following that path to benefit from her readings. Advice on career, relationships, finances, ideal living locations, and spirituality are just some of the areas of life that can be covered in a session.