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How to: Gallery Wall. 

A favorite area in so many homes is the gallery wall. It gives the occupant a chance to show off their travels, memories, family or friends…all good things that bring joy.

Overall, there is no “right-way” to put together a gallery wall, there are so many different circumstances where one size will not fit all. I have a few tips and tricks that I like to take into consideration when planning a gallery wall.

  1. Overall Size: Are you wanting to fill the wall or just cover a small part of the wall? I like both, but it also depends on what else is happening in your room. Do you have furniture pieces that you need to work around or other artwork on display? Below you will find a great example of two types of gallery walls, the first filling up most of the wall and working around the furniture in an asymmetrical manner. The second utilizing a section of the wall to create a more balanced, measured approach, but still keeping all the other elements of this space in mind.

Photo courtesy of Pinterest.com, designindulgence.blogspot.com. 

Photo courtesy of Pinterest.com, apartmenttherapy.com.

  1. What’s on display: One thing to ask yourself before starting to hammer into your wall is what are you displaying? Art, photography, posters, frames with photos that are similar in color, found objects framed or unframed? Do you want everything to have one common thread? For example will all the photos be black and white and or in the same type of frame. 

I have a gallery wall in my home and it’s a collection I started about 15 years ago. I have compiled different frames, found objects and art. For our home this fit the style and I really wanted a wall where I could let my creativity flow simply because the rest of our home is very neutral and lacks color, by choice. 

I have included a few photo references for gallery walls that embody a smattering of different styles, similar to our home. You will see that there is a common theme in each of these walls, similar colors, black with gold and wood/natural accents. By keeping some items similar it helps control the chaos, helping give this area a very planned out intensional feel. 

Photo courtesy of Pinterest.com, countryliving.com

Photo courtesy of Pinterest.com, housebeautiful.com.

Photo courtesy of Pinterest.com, apartmenttherapy.com.

  1. Symmetry: Another item you want to consider before buying anything is symmetry. Of course it depends on the style of the rest of the home, how much of your home is really following this same look. Do you prefer a more eclectic collection of goods that don’t line up perfectly or are you hyper particular and need everything to be measured out to a fraction of an inch. For me I like some areas to be symmetrical and others I don’t need to be so buttoned up. 

Like the examples above you can still have a remarkable gallery wall where objects don’t perfectly match but you can see a commonality. I have included a few examples below of perfectly symmetrical walls for those of you who prefer more organization.

Photo courtesy of Pinterest.com, laurenevensinteriors.com

Photo courtesy of Pinterest.com, mihome.com.

In closing there are a few companies that can help you achieve the gallery wall of your dreams. Framebridge is an online framing company that specializes in framing photos & art but also found objects…think matchbooks, travel memorabilia or pet collars. Framology sells sets of frames and a template to help with the placement and installation. Target and Pottery Barn also sell frames in collections that go together; some have art prints mixed in that are pre framed to give you a wall that has a collected aesthetic. I think the best gallery wall will be made up of a personal collection of art, photos and found objects that have special meaning. My gallery wall brings me joy. I hope you can create a moment in your home that can do the same.

Dream. Design. Redefine.

-Niki Milliken

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Niki Milliken

Mom, wife, and design enthusiast living in Rocklin but originally born and raised in the Bay Area. Niki has been creating unique spaces for over 16 years. From mid-century to the modern farmhouse aesthetic, & everything in between, she loves every style, and mixing them together is her specialty. Incorporating found objects and sourcing the right collection of products for a project is where her passion lies. She believes that everyone deserves a space to be proud of and will help bring together a beautiful functional home. She graduated with a Bachelor of Arts with an emphasis in Interior Design as well as a minor in Art History from CSU Chico in 2006. She began her career designing model homes, moved into commercial interiors, then took her expertise to several well-known manufacturers acting as a material consultant between the manufacture and architects or interior designers. In 2019 she started my own firm to help work towards making all her own dreams come true. She spends her free time designing for Rooms of Hope, a Bay Area non-profit that provides design services to children in need, see more here: http://www.roomsofhope.org.