Living in your authentic truth in a chaotic world

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In the season of seeking grateful time and connection with those we love it can be tricky with our level of busyness. 
I believe that balance is an illusion, my perspective; harmony is attainable and feels lighter to seek. As a fellow seeker, how does that feel to you?

Harmonizing between giving and receiving is attainable as we keep our energy cleared daily to give and be willing to receive. In both acts, we must operate from awareness and choice. Giving comes In many forms: Time, energy, love, words of affirmation, physical touch, and gifts. We all speak a universal and individual language.

How we communicate with another helps us to understand their language of how they prefer to receive. Receiving is the flips side of the coin and knowing what feels best to you and communicating determines how fulfilled you are in the giving and reviving harmony. The only love we keep is the love we give away. A harmony of giving and receiving is a dance within ourselves to seek and find more ease and joy-filled life.

Living in your authentic truth in a chaotic world .

     This is an art within our own hearts and soul. Lining up with what is kind, true, and necessary starts with a question to more awareness and you. 

This begins with speaking with those thoughts in mind to yourself first and foremost, then you can share that with others. Once you release any thoughts and conversation that is not serving you, which can be very challenging when that is a deep pattern within you, yet it is possible to true freedom rings.

Being a warrior to the desires of your heart starts with seeing it in your mind, releasing all that is not you, and leaning into the rising emotions with love. Love is the key to unlocking all we desire in the new year. Practice the pause when you are upset, angry, sad, frustrated, or any heavy awareness. When you pause, pray, and know everything and everyone you seek is looking for you. Be her now. 

So much love and 
       massive gratitude to you,



Kim Frazer

Kim Frazer is a messenger of beauty living inside out. She is an energy facilitator to heal old patterns and generate new open spaces. She has served as a professional make up artist and skin care consultant for 28 years in the beauty industry. She loves helping people shine their confidence in all they do through their individual energy and color. This is our unique self-expression. Our light begins on the inside and radiates to our outer glow. When you feel good on the inside it shows on the outside!
She has a servant's heart and is a certified coach in the new paradigm of servant leadership. She is serving humanity to uplevel authentic higher levels of consciousness through self-care practices that in turn generate self-love. She believes living inside out beauty begins with a daily practice of being all of you. Let your light shine to radiate more of the authentic you!