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Loot & Lore sponsors CHC and gives back to our followers with $5-$25 discount on their products and has given the CHC followers the option to pay monthly. 

Limited Edition

Pink Tourmaline CHC Necklace

Pink Tourmaline is a stone of love, compassion, emotional healing, and self love. It helps calms ones emotions in times of distress, and is the perfect stone to carry if you suffer from daily bouts of anxiety

To get yours today, fill out the form below and send payment to Loot & Lore through PayPal with the “Buy Now” button

Limited Edition CHC Necklace

  • Price: $120.00 Quantity:
  • $0.00

Submit total amount to Neva Co. on PayPal

Submit Total amount to Venmo. Cynthia Levesque @loot-and-lore-magick

Monthly Loot & Lore Subscription

Receive a new piece of Magickal Jewelry each month for 6 months for a one-time buy-in of $150. This is a great deal as my creations retail for $28-$68 individually. 
Each month features a different healing crystal:

August = Peridot
September = Moonstone
October = Citrine
November = Labradorite
December = Onyx
January = Garnet
February = Jasper
March = Clear Quartz
April = Opalite
May = Carnelian
June = Smoky Quartz
July = Ruby

You can chose gold/brass or silver/stainless steel or a mix up of metals. You can also choose earrings only, necklaces only, or a mixture of the two, other than that…what you receive will be a surprise and a delight.

All Loot and Lore jewelry is made with loving magickal intentions and is enchanted with unique healing properties, meant to be worn as an amulet. All metals are lead and nickel free and all crystals are responsibly sourced. 
Created in a sacred space in the Sierra Nevada Foothills of Northern California. 
No two pieces are alike, and each piece and package is cleansed physically and energetically before being shipped off. 

Fill out the form below and then submit the payment due to Loot & Lore PayPal (NevaCo)

Jewelry Subscription

Submit Total amount to Venmo. Cynthia Levesque @loot-and-lore-magick

Or Submit total amount to Neva Co. on PayPal

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