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I remember exploring the resonance of my vocal chords as a child and wondering to myself why they were so limited. I was confused, as if coming from another planet where our bodies had the hardware to produce entire symphonies out of one mouth.  Why were these earth avatars so low tech? “One note at a time?” I felt ripped off. 

I knew in my soul two things to be true: that there is more to these vocal cords than we are lead to believe, and that I will eventually meet someone who is actually psychic. Young Clara would come across new people and beam silent messages to their psyches saying, “If you can hear me, I’m won’t rat you out. I know that you are psychic! Blink twice if you understand”. According to my early trials, either everyone was psychic and pretending not to hear me, or I just hadn’t met my people yet. 

As for the vocal cords, the coolest thing I figured out at a young age was how to whistle at the same time as singing a note. “Two notes at once! Improvement!” As I grew older and sank deeper into the molds of society and acceptable thoughts and behaviors, my belief in the extraordinary fell latent.  As a young adult I felt disappointed in and depressed about life in the system. I found myself seeking the extraordinary through the ol’ standard: drugs, alcohol and sex. These quick fixes to existential dread provided momentary glimpses of a universe of feeling I knew to be possible. As quickly as the feelings of bliss would rise the come down of depression would fall. Once again, I felt ripped off. “Get me off this planet!!” 

I hesitate to find the right words to talk about beginning my walk on the “spiritual path”. “Spiritual path” can be such a nauseating phrase in a world oversaturated with fraudulent gurus who bypass their own humanity with 

holier-than-thou ego structures wearing masks of enlightenment. Simply put, one day I decided to choose life instead of death and to consciously work to shift my choices to align with the frequencies of truth and love. 

I began exploring and learning tools and modalities that would bring me into my body, optimize my health, create genuine positive thought patterns and decrease stress and disease.  I entered massage school with the story that I would become a deep tissue massage therapist and perhaps a physical therapist. I was living purely in the physical and scientific realms of belief. Alas, life continually one-ups my ideas of what I think I want and presents me with alternate versions of reality that are increasingly closer to the universe that my inner child always knew to be real.  

The path of least resistance led me to my true dharma beyond deep tissue massage to become a reiki master, shamanic energy worker and sound healer. I have been blessed with access to some of the most profound mentors that have graced these fields of study. My teachers held space for the shedding of many of my conditioned constructs and initiated my learning to lineages of profound ancient healing practices. 

I found communities of people who knew how to utilize their vocal cords to create harmonic fields of sound waves that move in perfect geometry. Everything is made of waves – some we can hear, some we can see, some we can feel, and some remain entirely invisible to our awareness. We are constantly being bombarded with waves that interfere with our resilience and homeostasis. Sound has the power to reshape the waves in our bodies and energetic systems to structures that are harmonious.

In the massage room, my voice is my most potent tool I have. I am able to dialogue in the subconscious realms with the messages being sent out by the client’s body. Not all people respond to psychic communication consciously, however every body has something to say. The messages come in feelings and subtle sensations that I struggle to find words to define. My replies sound like harmonic tones and coded gibberish. My client and I may not comprehend the exchange from a mental space, yet our subtle energy bodies know exactly what’s going on. The healing and encoding that takes place is a technology beyond my own human understanding. Our humanness does not have to understand for our spirits to receive what they need. 

Benefits of Sonic Toning During Massage:

  • Nervous system relaxation
  • Healthy immune functioning
  • Slows down brain waves to alpha-theta states where healing occurs
  • Creates balance and homeostasis
  • Expands psychic and intuitive capacities 
  • “Soul retrieval” of parts we of the psyche we have dissociated from
  • Creates the container for journeying into the subconscious/deep psyche 
  • Creates a protective field from dense energies 

I feel grateful to know once again that the magic really is real. I feel blessed by the clients that trust their intuitive guidance to come in and journey with me and fall deeper into the extraordinary mysticism of this practice with every session. What other powers might we be able to unlock as we release attachment to what we believe to be true?