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Sometimes there is a fine line between victory and defeat. We can aim at a target and be spot on or we can aim and miss. The truth is, we never fail we just aim and shoot again. Both are required to succeed at anything. Defeat is truly perspective, if you choose growth and lessons when you miss the target then it is light and an opportunity to become better vs. bitter. They say a big shot is just a little shot that keeps on shooting. I am so beyond grateful to receive every victory and defeat because this is the only way we grow. One of the keys I continue to learn: make your not so high and your lows not so low, this is a choice to be aware of when you are doing it and the choice to choose again. Free will is the continual opportunity to begin again. Filling the gap between victory and defeat is where we find our joy. This is also a conscious choice to say, “More of that please!”

What we give attention to grows!! See your targets as if they are already hit!! Sometimes we look to long at the closed doors and miss opportunities that come up along the way. Life is truly a series of mountaintop moments and valleys. Keep looking up in the valleys and enjoy the climb, the mountain top moments are meant to be relished and appreciated. As long as we are breathing there will always be another mountain top and another valley. Enjoy the journey no matter where you are. There is no happy ending to an unhappy journey. Find the celebration moments and the people that are cheering with you for you and the others are a gift too!!!! See it as just that a gift. When you relax and allow you become open to receiving it all!!


Sometimes we can lose our sweetness in life if we are looking back in regret, or forward in fear, first of all, get present right NOW!!! At this moment we hold the keys to how we choose to focus our attention. Stop being so hard on yourself. Give yourself kindness. Give yourself forgiveness, give yourself love. Grace is what our soul needs. We are all doing the best we can until we know better then we can choose better. When we give ourselves these gifts we can then give all of them to others from our overflow, not our underflow. A true key to remember, we cannot give with ease when we have the point of view we are in an underflow place. Choose to find your silver lining and remember, we are all in the school of life and we get to choose if we will level up with each passing day. Leveling up is not power over (control) or power under (victim). It is a choice to say no or more of that, please.

As we approach a new season define what living is to you!! Once you define what brings you into your happy place do more of that each day, NO MATTER WHO SAYS WHAT OR WHAT IS HAPPENING!! FIND YOUR JOY!! All of life comes to us with, ease, joy, and glory, if we choose it!!

 Living Inside Out, Kim

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Kim Frazer

Kim Frazer is a messenger of beauty living inside out. She is an energy facilitator to heal old patterns and generate new open spaces. She has served as a professional make up artist and skin care consultant for 28 years in the beauty industry. She loves helping people shine their confidence in all they do through their individual energy and color. This is our unique self-expression. Our light begins on the inside and radiates to our outer glow. When you feel good on the inside it shows on the outside!
She has a servant's heart and is a certified coach in the new paradigm of servant leadership. She is serving humanity to uplevel authentic higher levels of consciousness through self-care practices that in turn generate self-love. She believes living inside out beauty begins with a daily practice of being all of you. Let your light shine to radiate more of the authentic you!