Vulnerability is your Gift to be All of you

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When we can open up our own vulnerability that opens our availability to receive in life. We all entertain stories all day and night in our head, sometimes what we share and what we really feel is opposite because we protect ourselves. Protection is a distraction to keep us from practicing awareness and choice. Often we can carry fixed points of view based on any pains or experiences we have traveled through up until now in our lives. When would be a good time to surrender your old story and receive more of you? Allowing that to transform the way you function is a choice. Feel into your body and know that what you may view as the weakness of you is actually the strength of you. 

What is possible today that you haven’t considered yet? Allow all the things and people you think you are controlling in this moment to be dismantled and leave the areas you have been stuck up until now. Hurt is a choice we stay stuck in to think we are controlling situations and people. Remember Stuck is simply a feeling and a memory of any area you have been in a loop of things that have not worked in your life up until now. It is a choice in each moment to choose something different. With each choice expansion occurs when you allow it. Being all of you is about allowance to receive the good, bad, and ugly. When you are willing to be that you can receive what’s right, beautiful and amazing. When we accept ourselves we are more willing to accept others even if nothing is perfection. We gain progress in each moment we choose this is happening for me vs. this is happening to me. Strength is gained with gratitude for all of YOU! Be brave enough to own all parts of you and the full gift of you will bring all the great things meant for you in this life. Perfectly imperfect you are a gift, so be it.

                                                                    So much gratitude for you being here,

                                                                                        Love, Kim xo     

Kim Frazer

Kim Frazer is a messenger of beauty living inside out. She is an energy facilitator to heal old patterns and generate new open spaces. She has served as a professional make up artist and skin care consultant for 28 years in the beauty industry. She loves helping people shine their confidence in all they do through their individual energy and color. This is our unique self-expression. Our light begins on the inside and radiates to our outer glow. When you feel good on the inside it shows on the outside!
She has a servant's heart and is a certified coach in the new paradigm of servant leadership. She is serving humanity to uplevel authentic higher levels of consciousness through self-care practices that in turn generate self-love. She believes living inside out beauty begins with a daily practice of being all of you. Let your light shine to radiate more of the authentic you!