Welcome to the jungle of you

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Our life is a story, and we are the author with our awareness and choice from here. Up until now offer yourself forgiveness for where it didn’t all go your way and look at the possibilities of a new beginning starting now. The stories we create based on the things that have occurred in our life either empower or disempower us based on how we view them. We have a need within us to be consistent with the stories we tell ourselves about the things that happened. It is easy to find heavy emotion in stories when perhaps it didn’t turn out the way you wanted it to. What is right about you that you are not getting? What beliefs have you continued to play in your heart and mind that perhaps create more of the same? What awareness can you let in that you are committed to?

 Every experience we travel through brings us here. The story we continue to tell determines the life we continue to live. If you are happy, keep going and enjoying your life. If you are frustrated, what story are you committed to that you haven’t acknowledged? What demand can you begin to make of yourself to allow a new story to be created? This can be confronting to your heart and soul. When you have an awareness of the self-confrontation pay attention to what you make that mean about you and offer up some grace to yourself and then those around you. Stay present and commit to the forward motion of creating you and what you would like your life to be.

Remember Pressure is a Privilege

Diamonds are coal under pressure to shine! Pressure means you are alive. What is for you? Understand you are built for what you are going through!! Sometimes you are not meant to understand, you are meant to grow into the next level of you! You have an entire army of angels surrounding you to support you, as each of us does. That means you are one with the creator to be the best you and not one other person who needs your fixing because we are not broken, we are simply unbecoming all that is not us. Each person has an army of help to call upon. We have not because we ask not.  You are not a quitter on you and the universe/God has your back! Shifting your perspective is where true change begins. Shining the best in you to be the best that you can be begun by acknowledging and forgiving the things that you didn’t appreciate or like. 

We can blame others for everything we didn’t like in our history, or we can have an attitude of gratitude for every person, place, and thing that has happened as a divine plan for you to choose moving forward and inspire others with your story. Allow yourself to be free from the mind’s limitations. Standing in your own grace is a gift to shine your light and It is a duty of caring for you. The ability to connect with yourself is to acknowledge, heal and release. This is truly tapping into your own strength. Everything in life is built on the blocks to open your mind and heart to be in the true essence of who you are.  A perspective shift that you are growing through things not just going through things is where breakthroughs happen. The mindset that is programmed to see the possibilities in everything is a life that is open to transformation. Making your perspective your power work for you. What is this here to teach me? Remember the hardest times build our faith and strength to the miracles that are possible in every moment! Be the gentle thunder and potency you are.

                                                                        Living Inside Out, With love, Kim


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Kim Frazer

Kim Frazer is a messenger of beauty living inside out. She is an energy facilitator to heal old patterns and generate new open spaces. She has served as a professional make up artist and skin care consultant for 28 years in the beauty industry. She loves helping people shine their confidence in all they do through their individual energy and color. This is our unique self-expression. Our light begins on the inside and radiates to our outer glow. When you feel good on the inside it shows on the outside!
She has a servant's heart and is a certified coach in the new paradigm of servant leadership. She is serving humanity to uplevel authentic higher levels of consciousness through self-care practices that in turn generate self-love. She believes living inside out beauty begins with a daily practice of being all of you. Let your light shine to radiate more of the authentic you!