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Corporate Hippie Connection

The Corporate Hippie Connection Show

Corporate Hippie Connection (CHC) is a conscious living community organization and production company. We are a group of powerful women who will come together for an original series. We are dedicated to building and maintaining a healthy and strong mind, body, and soul. Here, positive empowerment and sustainable, organic living for humanity rule. Healthy products shared knowledge, advice, food choices, and lots more all come together in one place. We connect the mastermind thinkers, doctors, healers, entrepreneurs, authors, artists, and seekers! One or more of them is YOU!
Our focus is to go deep and help each other reach a higher vibration. Each host and their guest will share key knowledge that will help strengthen and support you. We all have the universe that lives inside of us and sometimes we forget how powerful we all are. We will teach and remind you how to stay connected to your source energy and keep your soul exfoliated. Let’s change the stories and patterns that no longer serve you. Now. Today. We all want to live a more vibrant life. Let’s take you higher than you have ever been.


Kerry Romano Zall

Kerry Romano Zall has a powerful, positive impact on many of the people she comes into contact with. She has the ability to help them see and embrace their inner light. She has honed over the years a set of strong people skills and positive energy that leaves people feeling better after interacting with her.

She had a strong pull to leave the corporate world where she was recognized as a top leader in her industry and plans to help people reach their higher potential selves in doing so. It’s no surprise that she is the founder of Corporate Hippie Connection (CHC).

Kerry volunteers her time doing regular mentoring calls and has life coached many pro bono. She believes her intuition is her favorite superpower. She enjoys working in her organic garden, with her hands in the earth, and lives in a comfortable state of gratitude. She enjoys leading a movement to energize humanity toward a people-first, organic living lifestyle that allows them to showcase their love and light, and to radiate that out to others.

She has lived in Grass Valley in Nevada County, nestled in the northern California foothills since 2007. She was born on New York’s Long Island Sound and later moved to Burlingame, California, where she enjoyed most of her childhood. Later, she started her career in sales and lived in the greater Bay Area region. She is a wife and mother of five amazing children.  

Kerry has been involved for quite some time in various pageants and holds many titles such as Mrs. International 2020, Mrs. USA 2019, and Mrs. California 2018 for the Accomplished American Program and Dignitary of Nevada County, CA.

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