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Mind Body & Spirit Connection

Original series coming soon

Aimee, Bela, Kerry, Ingrid, Marilyn

The internal workings of Corporate Hippie Connection are showcased as the CHC Tribe transforms themselves and their community from the inside out.

They will take someone that is in transition from their community and build them up into their higher potential selves through positive empowerment, love, and devotion. Potent Transformations is a mind, body, and spirit makeover that will push people through their struggles, blocks, and stories. We will be tackling perceptions about powerful women and men in our culture and how we can embrace our sisters and brothers in their power and find our own. By transforming our inner vessel we are able to cultivate a conscious mindset of living a sustainable lifestyle.


As an Alchemist, Kerry will provide a toolbox of tools that can help people see the good in their everyday lives. She has the ability to get people excited about their life. Energized and feeling confident, they will receive the tools to maintain their power. She is determined to uplift and feed them energy, go deep and chip away from what’s holding them back and hold them accountable for their choices and educate them towards a more holistic and sustainable lifestyle.


Ingrid helps people trust themselves and their intuition. She guides people to their own partnership with spirit. As a psychic medium, spiritual channel, and ordained minister, Ingrid has a particular gift of insight and compassionate nature that enables her to help others connect with their authentic core and trust themselves. The messages she delivers combined with the healing work she does results in a powerful inner shift from uncertainty and fear to empowerment and faith.


Marilyn has an incredible passion, understanding, and intuition for human movement, as a movement specialist. She uses multiple modalities, primarily Pilates, to help others reach strong, pain-free mobility in their bodies. Her gift is in her ability to connect with her clients and teach them to love and listen to their bodies. She can simply watch someone walk and know what they need to strengthen to achieve their most optimal alignment, power, and strength.   


Bela wears multiple hats. She works closely with Kerry, curating personalized recipes of healing herbs. She tends to the plants and animals on The Villa, and sparks creativity in the editing room. Bela captures all the powerful, emotional, and transformative footage and brings the farm to the living room. Day to day she fills in all of the gaps that are missing. She lives and breaths sustainability with a focus on cutting plastic waste.


Aimee captures all the raw moments behind the scenes, telling the story of Corporate Hippie Connection. She has a gift of creating authentic images where her subjects are their most comfortable selves. Aimee is passionate and professional, she brings joy and comfort to our tribe. She tells the visual story of our journey together.

This movement brings a multitude of sacred skill sets to the same Mission. One fierce initiative massaged from every angle, creating a movement of love, empowerment, and sustainability.

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