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Vibing With Anki

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Vibing with Anki

Anki is a Contemporary Multimedia Artist who tells stories through visual art and storytelling.

She has always been curious about the deeper parts of life and her passion for relationships and the human spirit have helped her understand herself and the world around her.

Vibing With Anki will explore stories from real life experiences, from growing up in Sweden, living in the middle east and Japan and finally settling down in California. Anki will dive deep in subjects of the heart and everyday life through humor, creativity, astrology, spirituality, curiosity and psychology with a flare of dramatic theater. 

What we all truly want is to be accepted and loved for who we are. Join Anki in her journey of radical self-acceptance and self-love. Let’s all open our hearts and raise our vibration and forgive ourselves for not being perfect. Let’s vibe.


Anki Elbaz is a contemporary artist working primarily with the medium of mixed media collage and drawing. She is originally from Sweden and has traveled and lived all over the world before settling in Marin, CA. She describes her art as “The act of creating and collecting parts of life and putting them together in a balanced reality of my own vision and space and time.” Her mixed media collages start with an image that makes her feel nostalgic. Many of her artworks are a reflection on the female perspective of love, life, history, current events and the future.