Glow is a hydrating, powerful broad spectrum SPF 30 sunscreen that leaves a subtle glow on the skin. Glow absorbs easily into the skin providing effective, natural sun protection against free radical damage. The addition of CBD not only provides increased protection, it also helps to reverse sun damage at the cellular level. Can be used as a primer as well as a light coverage foundation.


Handcrafted Therapeutic Hot/Cold Packs


RYZE Superfoods


RYZE Mushroom Coffee

We are so excited to announce our partnership with @ryzesuperfoods!

Here at the Corporate Hippie Connection Office, we are all obsessed with this new mushroom coffee, and we were hooked after one cup!

Full of organic mushrooms, MCT oil and Naturally-grown arabica coffee beans, it’s safe to say our new morning ritual will be with RYZE! 

They are offering 15% off to all of our followers, tap the link and get yours today! 

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One of our favorite things about RYZE Superfoods is the Gratitude Journal that comes with your monthly subscription to their mushroom coffee. It’s so easy and so effective. 

Once you sign up for a monthly order of mushroom coffee, using our promo code “HIPPIE15OFF” and you will get an email inviting you to join “HOW I RYZE” their text-based daily gratitude journal.