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We are so grateful to our sponsors! Without our generous sponsors the show could not go on. If you interested in becoming a sponsor for the podcast/show, find our sponsor form here.

Heritage Farmed

Heritage Farmed sponsors CHC and gives back to our followers with a 10% discount on their products

10% discount:

Promo Code: HIPPIE 

Bronze Sun Shield

Heritage Farmed features pure body care products made with the highest quality organically grown, environmentally safe full spectrum medicinal herbs, flowers and plants. They are grown by traditional farmers who nurture and enhance the richness and goodness of the land by using heritage farming techniques. Our products contain pure, natural and organic ingredients; are made using a traditional, hands-on crafting process; and, embrace the native healing spirit of the plants.

Heritage farmed is a method of cultivation that promotes biodiversity in a natural regenerative process to produce vibrant, healthy, resilient crops by utilizing locally available resources, growing native soils, improving wildlife habitat and purifying watersheds through careful consideration and application of nature’s nutrient cycle. Heritage farms tend the wild and reduce their use of exotic inputs, closing the loop of onsite nutrient production through age old wisdom and application of practical sciences. They care, share and rejuvenate farming communities for generations to come.

True Spice

At True Spice we value above all, creating and maintaining True meaningful personal relationships. This value extends to our customers, employees, and the farmers that grow the food we love.

We are a family-run business that believes in providing all our employees with a livable wage. True Spice helps to maintain our ecosystem with sustainable organic farming, use of sustainable packaging, and by providing 1% of all profits to a local Nonprofit group, Trees Atlanta.

High Vibe Records

High Vibe Records is used exclusively by CHC productions, in upcoming shows and dance parties.

High Vibe Records is an artist-friendly record label based out of Nevada City, CA. Our mission is to share good music and high vibes.

New Releases

Loot and Lore

Loot & Lore sponsors CHC and gives back to our followers

Loot and Lore jewelry, created by artist Cynthia Levesque, is made with powerful magickal intentions and meant to be worn as an amulet. Each piece is a unique combination of hand-cut metal and healing crystals. Levesque has been making jewelry for over 15 years, and practicing magick since she was a young child.