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Corporate Hippie Connection is a community movement that strives to offer support, resources and knowledge to help people reach a higher vibration. We will support, strengthen and grow with each other through locally hosted classes and retreats, as well as online courses and articles. We really feel that it is important to connect with one another in a meaningful way that supports our energy and bonds to grow together in harmony with the earth. We feel that is it time to awaken. Through shared knowledge, healthy products, advise, movement, food, music and, of course, our shows we aim to raise awareness and energy. A portion of all the work we do goes back to the organizations we support! 

Visit Khanya Village Foundation

Corporate Hippie Connection sponsors Khanya Village Foundation because we believe in the mission of this organization. It aligns with our goal to empower people working together. Khanya Village will be starting a soup kitchen and we want to help make that a reality ASAP!

Soup at The Neighbors