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Summer Camp – SOLD OUT

Fall Camp Coming Soon

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Psychic Kids Summer Camp

Is your child extra sensitive?

Do you see them as an old soul?

Does your child have an imaginary friend?

Your child is intuitively gifted.

Corporate Hippie Connection is proud to have Ingrid H. Turner leading this year’s summer camp before she dives into full production for her original series, “Spirit Connection”. This summer, she is focusing on helping your child learn to navigate their intuitive gifts, trust themselves deeply, and become more confident in sharing their unique magic in the world. 

This is a week full of fun and engaging activities that will help your child understand their psychic and spiritual gifts and make friends with other kids just like them. 

Dates: July 26th – July 30th, 10am – 2:30pm

Location: Grass Valley, CA

Visit website for details and to register now. Space is limited!

About Ingrid:

Ingrid is a minister, psychic medium, and an intuition development teacher with a decade of experience under her belt. She is passionate about helping children and teens trust themselves and understand their intuitive gifts so they can live large and free in a changing world.

Online Events

Soulmatic Renewal

Join the Soulmatic Renewal Group Program Today!

Next group starts May 3rd

For the whole month of April we are offering $100 off with Coupon Code: CHC100

Click the link and enter the coupon code today!


Soulmatic Renewal is the process of coming to know yourself very deeply and from that place of knowing…true love.

Hi, I’m Ingrid Turner, your Soulmatic Renewal Coach. During our time together, you will become intimately familiar with your unique energetic signature, learn simple but immensely effective practices to supercharge your joy, and free yourself from years of conditioned unlovability.


Together, we’re going to dive into the depths of you. I use intuition and several tools that I have found to paint the most accurate picture of your strengths, challenges, and the natural flow of your energy. Most people feel deeply validated when they go through this process. All your life, you’ve been fighting yourself, and you never need to do that again. Once we understand you so completely, I help you begin the process of untangling all that is not you.


Contrary to everything you’ve learned about life to this point, humans are not designed to struggle. But when we move against our natural rhythms, the struggle is inevitable. When we hang on to stories, beliefs, and triggers that are not authentically ours, we remain stuck in struggle. The struggle can truly be a thing of the past. Joy can be your primary experience. I will show you how. It’s up to you to work the program and deconstruct the BS.


There is not one piece of you that is unlovable. You will realize this as you learn how to use your body in the way it was meant for – a powerful guidance system, a container for your experiences, and the best tool at your disposal for radical self-healing.


When you get better, everyone you love gets better, too. Your example, your radiance, and oozing self-love will put simply, make everything better.


This is an intense program, but if you show up for it, and take your knowledge of self and these tools for self-love and somatic healing out into your life, you will be happier, healthier, wiser, and best of all…so in love with you. Which makes your love for everyone else so much cleaner and juicier!

I’m Ingrid Turner, and I am so pleased to meet you today. On top of being the spiritual advisor for Corporate Hippie Connection, I am a minister, spiritual channel, psychic medium, author, and spiritual teacher. I partner with the divine spirit to help you re-align with your power and take ownership of your present life, releasing the grip of shame and trauma. I am here elevating the consciousness of the planet by freeing one beautiful soul at a time from the entrapment of shame, guilt, trauma, and low self-worth.

You just don’t have to live there anymore.

I’m a gifted psychic medium, a faithful channel for divine spirit, and an excellent teacher. I have a knack for making the esoteric accessible, and I can help you ferret out your natural spiritual, psychic, and healing gifts, and then create a lifestyle around those gifts. I love to see you soar in partnership with spirit.

Join the Soulmatic Renewal Group Program Today!

The first week we are offering $100 off with Coupon Code: CHC100

Click the link and enter the coupon code today!

Kerry & Ingrid

Past events: Positive Empowerment

During the Covid-19 Pandemic, Kerry and Ingrid came together with a topic that they dove deep on. They talked through their personal and communal struggles to teach everyone how to move away from fear and into love.

July 28th – Self Love is IT with Ingrid

August 18th – Ingrid + Kerry Positive Empowerment Live

In Person Events – TBD

  • Ribbon Cutting, Dance Parties, Hug-fest, Retreats, Summer camps, Workshops, Farm to Table dinners, Tea Ceremonies, Plant Sales

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, we are not planning any events with large groups. As time goes on and we become accustomed to the new normal of social distancing and face coverings, we will start giving dates out for our events. The first of which will be the CHC Hug-fest.