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Online Events

Kerry & Ingrid

Positive Empowerment

Live on Facebook every Tuesday at 2pm

Kerry and Ingrid come together each week with a topic that they dive deep on. Talking through their personal and communal struggles to teach everyone how to move away from fear and into love.

July 28th – Self Love is IT with Ingrid

August 18th – Ingrid + Kerry Positive Empowerment Live

In Person Events – TBD

  • Ribbon Cutting, Dance Parties, Hug-fest, Retreats, Summer camps, Workshops, Farm to Table dinners, Tea Ceremonies, Plant Sales

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, we are not planning any events with large groups. As time goes on and we become accustomed to the new normal of social distancing and face coverings, we will start giving dates out for our events. The first of which will be the CHC Hug-fest.

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