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Welcome to Raising Rainbow ? with your host Jeremy Riden. The channel 100 percent committed to encouraging, empowering and enlightening the LGBTQ+ community! In this Episode Jeremy shares why all the rights of equality that we have fought so long and hard to achieve are now in jeopardy of being taking all way ….

Episode 2

Did you know that each color of the pride flag stands for a different quality to embrace as a LGBTQ+ person. Join Raising Rainbow Host Jeremy Riden in this New Series of “The Colors Of The Rainbows ? “.

Episode 3

In this episode of The Rainbow ? Flag series Jeremy Riden shares the secrets of the color orange ? and how to heal your hidden pain.

Episode 4

It’s time for a Brand New Day! In this episode of Raising Rainbow ? Jeremy Riden teaches the metaphysical meaning of the color yellow in the Gay Pride ?️‍? flag and how it can turn your life around !

Episode 5

Discover why there are same gender souls mates and how some of the greatest love stories in the world can be found in the LGBTQ+ communities !

Episode 6

In this episode of Raising Rainbow our host Jeremy Riden teaches Us how to use the power of our mind to work for us and not against us! Also discover what green symbolizes in the Rainbow for LGBTQ+ people.

Episode 7

In the episode of Raising Rainbow host Jeremy Riden explores how to connect to your own inner wisdom and spirituality. Move over religion we’re opening our 3rd eye!

Episode 8

Discover Why Drag Queens are important to the LGBTQ + community and celebrating our “Drag Mothers”.

Episode 9

Discover the history of our LGBTQ+ movement and how we can use personal angry ? in our life to make positive changes!

Episode 10

Jeremy Riden the host of Raising Rainbow ? shares the metaphysical secrets of living a happier life by singing and following the wisdom behind the nursery rhyme song of “ Row Row Row Your Boat gentle down the stream…”

Episode 11

In this episode of Raising Rainbow host Jeremy Riden starts a 3 part Interview series with Spiritual teacher Pastor Salvatore Sapienza the author of Gay Is A Gift book.

Episode 12

In Episode 12 of Raising Rainbow ? host Jeremy Riden continues a very uplifting and illuminating interview with Progressive Christian Inter-faith Pastor Salvatore Sapienza author of ground breaking book “Gay is a gift”.

Episode 13

In this Episode 13 of Raising Rainbow ? Host Jeremy Riden and Pastor Salvatore Sapienza share valuable dating and marriage advice for LGBTQ+ community. ?


Episode 1

Welcome back for a new and exciting second season of Raising Rainbow ? – season 2/episode 1 In kicking off a new season of Raising Rainbow host Jeremy Riden shares why many in the LGBTQIA+ community struggle with being over weight and other health issues

Episode 2

In this episode of Raising Rainbow ? our host Jeremy Riden shares the significance of using higher consciousness language in todays dark and troubling times. Host Jeremy Riden #lgbtqi #lgbtqia #lgbtqsupport #lqbtq #homosexuality #lgbtqyouth #gay #lesbian

Episode 3

Texas courts sides with Christians that it’s ok to let gay people die !!!!!

Episode 4

Black Is Beautiful!! In this episode of Raising Rainbow ?Jeremy Riden gives credit to the true originator of rock ‘n’ roll – Sister Rosetta Tharpe a Black Lesbian Gospel Singer. See how she influenced Elvis, Little Richard, Jerry Lee Lewis Ana More !!!! #homosexuality #lgbtqi #lgbtqsupport #lgbtqia #lgbtqyouth

Episode 5

Discover why 2023 is the year of the Rainbow and the Special Spiritual significance of the number “7” for the LGBTQIA Community ??? #homosexuality #lgbtqi #lgbtqsupport #lgbtqia #lqbtq

Episode 6

Straight Ally In Name Only ? In this episode of Raising Rainbow ? Jeremy calls shares what it really means to be an Ally to the LGBTQIA + community during this political season coming up. Also learn the two opposing energies that effects all your decisions and life experiences! #homosexuality #lgbtqi #lgbtqsupport #lgbtqia #lgbtqyouth #lqbtq