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I talked about paint and colors in previous articles, but now I’d like to review my go-to paint colors. I think there are absolutely trendy colors that come and go and come back again, but I also believe there are colors most people are attracted to, I see these patterns time and time again in my projects. So let’s dive in! I will cover the top four colors my clients ask about the most, keep in mind these colors might not look the way you want in your space so it’s important to do your homework to ensure you are getting the desired end result. 

White-A necessary color for most of my projects. I am not implying that everyone wants white walls but more so we need to think about the interior trim, baseboards, cabinets, interior doors, and ceilings. This range of whites will cover your bright whites (Kelly Moore Whitest White and Benjamin Moore Chantilly Lace) and a softer white (Kelly Moore Swiss Coffee, I swear this is the unicorn of whites as it really looks good in most rooms). Lastly, if you are looking for a white that has a bit of a grey undertone I have found Benjamin Moore Paper White will give that effect. 

Creamy White, Board, and Batten

Photo Courtesy of Pinterest, thefarmhouselife.com

Black– A very trendy color at the moment, I do love black for interiors but also exteriors. When working with black paint it can be difficult to find a version that does not have blue undertones. I narrowed down my top three favorite true black colors. I love using black as an exterior color, a feature wall color, or even a color for repurposing furniture. 

Black Exterior

Photo Courtsey of Pinterest, ceciliamoyerblog.com

Gray-A is a very trendy, yet neutral tone at the moment. I love gray, but they are probably the most tricky. Some have more pink or purple undertones, therefore they can appear lilac or almost light blue when painted in a room.  It’’s essential to order samples, paint the exact area you want to use the color, and make sure it looks the way you want it at different times of the day. The colors I have selected cover mostly warm grays as these tend to be the most requested. 

Grey Interior Walls 

Photo Courtesy of Pinterest, Wayfair.com 

Blue-Is the most requested accent color in my business. Right now I am seeing a surge of requests for blue cabinets in the kitchen, bathroom, or laundry room. Blue accent walls or a vibrant blue front door. Obviously blue can range quite a bit, these are the blues I have used most often.

Photo Courtesy of Pinterest, eleveninteriors.com

Be confident, if there is a color you love you can find a place to make it work. As I have expressed over and over again paint can be very finicky, and the tiny sample swatches don’t always give a good indication of how the color will look in different types of lighting throughout the day. Make it a priority to get samples in order to find the sought-after color your project needs. 

Dream. Design. Redefine. 

-Niki Milliken 

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Niki Milliken

Mom, wife, and design enthusiast living in Rocklin but originally born and raised in the Bay Area. Niki has been creating unique spaces for over 16 years. From mid-century to the modern farmhouse aesthetic, & everything in between, she loves every style, and mixing them together is her specialty. Incorporating found objects and sourcing the right collection of products for a project is where her passion lies. She believes that everyone deserves a space to be proud of and will help bring together a beautiful functional home. She graduated with a Bachelor of Arts with an emphasis in Interior Design as well as a minor in Art History from CSU Chico in 2006. She began her career designing model homes, moved into commercial interiors, then took her expertise to several well-known manufacturers acting as a material consultant between the manufacture and architects or interior designers. In 2019 she started my own firm to help work towards making all her own dreams come true. She spends her free time designing for Rooms of Hope, a Bay Area non-profit that provides design services to children in need, see more here: http://www.roomsofhope.org.