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Happy Holi!

This full moon culminates in the sign of Leo on March 7th at 6:10 PM IST.  This full moon is Holi Purnima, the festival of colors.  Holi is a celebration of winter turning into spring and bringing in the light.  As it is the full moon of the seasons changing, it reminds us to take stock.  Holi Purnima wants us to let go of our anger and resentments and to practice forgiveness.  Being one of the only cross cultural festivals in India, it celebrates unity and inclusivity, symbolized in festivities playing with all the colors of the rainbow.  It is really one of the most light hearted and joyous celebrations of the year! In India this will be celebrated on March 8th this year.

The night before, the 7th evening in India from 6 pm-8:30 pm is known as Holika Dahan, a night where people light bonfires symbolizing the destruction negative forces. This is the purification before the day of Holi, a cleansing and shedding before all is celebrated and all is forgiven.

In other astrological news, there’s a few more days of the lovely Venus and Jupiter conjunction in the sky.  Though in the astrological lore Venus and Jupiter are not friendly to each other, they are the two teachers of the chart.  Jupiter is the teacher of the spiritual world and Venus is the teacher of the material world.  They are also both strong indicators of wealth in the chart.  Together in the sign of Pisces, where they both sit comfortably, they can offer the highest ideals of love, abundance and generosity.  Those of you with Pisces prominent in your chart may have felt this expansiveness for the last couple weeks.  

The flip side is that these two planets in this placement can be idealistic, and set unrealistic expectations in the realms of both finances and love.  Both Jupiter and Venus in Pisces tend to be not as rooted in reality.  Perhaps the best use of this energy is to dream and expand to your highest ideal, but also to set realistic goals as well.  But do use these next few days to envision your most expansive forms!

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***For those of you in the Asian time zones, I will be in India for the next 2 weeks.  As it is a bit easier to schedule in similar time zones, do reach out if you’d like to schedule.  My calendar is blocked but I am taking a few last minute appointments as they fit into my schedule here.***

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Mrinmoyee Prajna

Mrinmoyee is in a long term love affair with Mother India, the land of her spiritual birth. She has lived primarily in India for the last 2 decades, and while she appreciates most all aspects of the culture, Vedic Astrology, Meditation, and Devotional pactices have been her primary focus.

Having grown up on the East coast of the United States, she deeply sees the need for the Vedic sciences in the modern Western life. She lived for 10 years in an Indian Buddhist spiritual community in North India where meditation and seva (service) were the foundations of her practice. Here she experienced the traditional teachings passed down through a lineage that is customary in India. As her interest in Vedic Astrology grew it took her to different regions and teachers of India and the US. She has studied Vedic Astrology for the last 10 years, and has given hundreds of readings to people all over the world in the last 5 years.

She offers introductory workshops on Vedic Astrology, and retreats in India. But the main focus of her work is personalized birth chart consultations. She has studied with both traditional and modern teachers, and gives a traditional analysis of the chart combined with a modern, applicable interpretation. While Vedic Astrology is Hindu in its origins, a person need not be following that path to benefit from her readings. Advice on career, relationships, finances, ideal living locations, and spirituality are just some of the areas of life that can be covered in a session.