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If I could write a letter to my baby . . . .  

From the moment I first held you, my heart expanded like all the love and magic of the universe was inside my chest.  

Your warm body on my bare skin, I would hold you here in this moment forever. I knew you were my purpose. 

The sleepless nights were moments carved out just for us, like time paused for me to be with  you, to love you, to nurse you, to comfort you with my skin, my voice, my touch, my heartbeat.  

You chose me to be your mother, my body was your first home, my milk your first food. 

Every moment with you is a gift, an opportunity for me to show you that you are safe, you are loved. 

No matter how tired my body was, I would stay awake to watch you sleep, I would hold you close to me to feel you breathe.  

Every moment with you is a chance to share my love with you. 

This is what life is about. 

With every birth, every one of my 4 babies who have made it into my arms, I felt my heart swell, a primal connection to Source, a deep knowing that this is the most magical moment of my life.  

Being your mother is my greatest honor.  

I will keep you close skin to skin, I will be here to nurse you and hold you and watch you grow. I will sink into all the moments I have with you, even the hard ones.  

I am your one consistent person.  

I am in no rush to speed any of it up, I create my life around you because I am your foundation,  your compass. 

When I look at you, everything in the world seems right.  

Being your Mother is pure magic and I am so grateful to be on this journey with you.