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When I hold my camera and get ready for a shoot, I feel little butterflies of excitement. Photography gets my energy moving, I feel alive and in my element. 

I play music on a little speaker that clips to my camera bag to create a fun atmosphere for the families and individuals I photograph. Music relaxes people, creates a joyful experience for them! There can be a lot of hesitation around booking a shoot: worries about how we look, what we will wear, if our kids or spouses will cooperate, lots of self judgment, and heaps of little voices in our heads preventing us to get in that photo! Every bit of what I bring to that photo session helps alleviate these worries that WE ALL HAVE! From start to finish, I do everything I can to make my clients feel positive and prepared from helping with wardrobe options to picking the right location, from choice of camera lenses to choosing flattering angles, from post processing and editing techniques to playing music and most of all for making everyone in the shoot feel comfortable and uplifted. It’s an experience, and I want it to be a great one for my clients. 

Photography is a way of telling your story, capturing your authentic truth, your life in that moment. It’s a unique way to freeze time. A photograph gives us the rare opportunity to revisit the past and to feel everything about that moment again and again. As a mother, there are so many chaotic, and simultaneously beautiful moments, that easily slip away in between attending to everyone’s needs. I want more than anything to fully cherish these fleeting times with my babies. I can’t prevent my children from growing up, but I can revisit these moments and document their movements and growth through my lens. Photographing other mothers and their children is so personal to me because I know how much we want to remember the feeling of our babies arms around us and the sweet way they look at us like we are the golden honey of life itself. Truly, there is no bond like the one between a mother and child. I love telling that story, the one that makes our heart feel full when we look at it. 

A photograph is a visual memory, an emotional narrative of a split second in time. I’m not after the smiles or everyone looking at the camera — I want to show you the little hands holding yours, the way your partner looks at you, the way your toddler nuzzles into your cheek. When you look at your photos, I want you to see the love and connection between everyone in that frame. I want to move you with YOUR story because I guarantee you that it’s a good one!