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This full moon eclipse occurs in the end degrees of Gemini and culminates at 12:51 AM on January 11th IST (January 10th 11:21 AM PST). This eclipse marks the end of a 2 week eclipse window that started on Christmas Day.

2020 came in with a bang on the global level! As I am not much into political astrology I will not talk much about that here, but it is clear that the collective tension is high! The very busy house of Sagittarius is still responsible for this, as it represents our belief systems and the collective wisdom.

Right now the planets in Sagittarius- Jupiter, Ketu, Saturn, Sun, and Mercury- will all aspect this full moon eclipse in Gemini (except for Ketu which does not give an aspect). The full moon eclipse is formed when the Moon is with one of the nodes, which is Rahu in this case.  Moon and Rahu is a combination for mental disturbance and distortions, and in the airy sign of Gemini with all those aspects on it, we may feel an even more intense agitation of mind during this time around the eclipse and the days following it.

As I keep saying, we will be feeling relief in stages as planets slowly leave Sagittarius, and by the end of the month only Jupiter and Ketu will remain. Right now Jupiter and Ketu are in a very close conjunction.  While this is essentially a positive conjunction, representing connection with lineage and spiritual freedom, when the planets are too close together they can agitate each other.  Jupiter and Ketu can also indicate fundamentalism, and getting locked in to our own perspectives and viewpoints.  But with an open mind we can really reap the spiritual benefits of Jupiter and Ketu together.

As always around eclipses, it is recommended to stay as cool as possible and not take big decisions.  Eclipses are caused by the shadow planets Rahu and Ketu affecting the Sun (our self) and the Moon (our mind) so perspective and judgement is often clouded by these events.  People who have Gemini or Sagittarius prominent, especially with planets closer to 26 degrees of the sign will feel this most intensely.

For the remainder of the month of January and the first half of February Mars is in its own sign of Scorpio.  This is a very strong placement for Mars.  As Mars represents our ambitions but also our aggressions, when Mars is agitated he can cause arguments and fiery emotional flare ups.

When planets are in their own sign they tend to act to a higher vibration of their energy, which means Mars in Scorpio is more about energy and self-mastery than anger.  I liken Mars in Scorpio to a martial arts master who knows all the techniques of fighting but chooses to remain calm.  So thankfully we have a better controlled Mars this eclipse!  Though Mars does give an aspect to the Gemini eclipse, which can add agitation to an already unstable situation,  its aspect is a more tame version of Mars’ fiery energy.

Next time I will discuss Saturn changing signs and moving into Capricorn, which occurs on January 24th.  Saturn moves signs approximately every 2 1/2 years, so it is considered a major astrological event!

Love and Blessings,

Mrinmoyee Prajna

Mrinmoyee is in a long term love affair with Mother India, the land of her spiritual birth. She has lived primarily in India for the last 2 decades, and while she appreciates most all aspects of the culture, Vedic Astrology, Meditation, and Devotional pactices have been her primary focus.

Having grown up on the East coast of the United States, she deeply sees the need for the Vedic sciences in the modern Western life. She lived for 10 years in an Indian Buddhist spiritual community in North India where meditation and seva (service) were the foundations of her practice. Here she experienced the traditional teachings passed down through a lineage that is customary in India. As her interest in Vedic Astrology grew it took her to different regions and teachers of India and the US. She has studied Vedic Astrology for the last 10 years, and has given hundreds of readings to people all over the world in the last 5 years.

She offers introductory workshops on Vedic Astrology, and retreats in India. But the main focus of her work is personalized birth chart consultations. She has studied with both traditional and modern teachers, and gives a traditional analysis of the chart combined with a modern, applicable interpretation. While Vedic Astrology is Hindu in its origins, a person need not be following that path to benefit from her readings. Advice on career, relationships, finances, ideal living locations, and spirituality are just some of the areas of life that can be covered in a session.