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Rosa gallica (Rosaceae)

We LOVE our rose tea. Here on The Villa we brew Pu’er tea with rose petals and calendula petals on these hot sunny days and pour it over ice in a 32 oz mason jar. We have this delicious floral black tea with lemon juice most days and it keeps our energy high and our vibration even higher.

We’ve cultivated a rose tea garden and it is the most fragrant, delicious rose garden I’ve ever smelled, and I’m from Pasadena which is The City of Roses. I grew up watching the rose bushes be groomed by gardeners and have long blooming seasonings. But, after I started growing food I thought I’d never have a useless rose garden like all of the houses do in So Cal. Little did I know I’d fall madly in love with these medicinal beauties, often mistaken for purely decoration. 

Rose is one of the most popular and common symbols for love, rightly so, being a good tonic for the heart, and great for lowering

cholesterol. I recently learned from a Facebook post that rose has one of the highest frequencies of all plants and animals. Rose is the closest thing to love in tangible form. It’s vibration is measured at 320 MHz. To put in other words, it is as high as it gets in terms of things we can actually see. Incredible. Ingesting and using this medicinal plant will raise one’s own vibration. 

Brewed in tea, rose petals can have anti-inflammatory properties. It also can stimulate the liver and increase appetite and circulation. Rose can lower your body temperature and help bring down a fever. It is an antispasmodic, which helps relieve spasms in the respiratory system, in the intestinal tract, and in the muscles. And the antiviral qualities will keep your immune system strong. This herb can even help regulate and bring on delayed menstrual cycles (take caution and avoid taking this herb internally if you are pregnant). Let’s not forget the more known version of roses, rosehips. If you are growing roses you let the flower run its course, harvest the flower petals of course and leave the bud. As it grows and matures the rosehips are like the fruit of the plant, full of lots of vitamins and minerals. 

As the season changes to summer we will have many medicinal fruits and herbs come into season, 

Stay tuned

Rose Garden at The Villa